Adiabatic Condenser Cooling

Increase high ambient refrigeration efficiency by 20 – 25% with Excalibur Energy.

Many people resort to spraying air-cooled condensers with water to prevent refrigeration failing during peak summer temperatures, although this overcomes the problem of heat rejection in the short term, water evaporating on the condenser fins leaves mineral deposits which slowly build up and reduce performance.

Our solution is to mount a spray bar on the face of the adiabatic condenser, spraying water onto a suspended mesh, air passes through the mesh evaporating the water, and is cooled before passing through the condenser, a bespoke control pulses the spray to ensure the mesh remains wetted while minimizing water consumption.

During peak conditions the temperature of air entering the condenser can be reduced by 8-10 deg c increasing refrigeration capacity and efficiency by 15 – 25%. This is often sufficient to avoid the need to employ temporary cooling or plant replacement.

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