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Are you having problems obtaining replacement condenser fans?

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Here is an energy saving solution... Recent changes to legislation means that operators of HVAC chillers and refrigeration equipment should review their equipment and the availability of replacement condenser fans. In the past few months, Excalibur have had several enquiries to supply replacement AC axial fans for air cooled chillers from end users unable

Spalding cold store cuts energy consumption by 48%

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Spalding cold store cuts energy consumption by 48% Founded by Josiah Sims in 1896, J.O.Sims are the No1 supplier of cranberry and wild blueberry ingredients in the UK and provide packing, handling, storage and distribution services from its site in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Throughout their history J.O.Sims have adopted a long term approach. This extends

Airport energy consumption reduced by 4,000,000 Kwh

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Excalibur reduce airport energy consumption by 4,000,000 KWh A major project to reduce the electrical consumption of air conditioning chillers at Manchester Airport has been successfully completed by Excalibur. Excalibur’s involvement with Manchester Airport started with a pilot installation to chillers at the airport’s Olympia House, which was monitored to determine the potential of

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