Custom Laser Engraved Valve Tags

Custom engraved valve tags play a crucial role in industrial facilities for identification and organisation.
Material and Construction:
Our Custom Engraved Valve Tags are crafted from 2/3 ply laminate and are a available in two thicknesses: 1.5mm and 3mm.
Purpose and Function:
Workers attach these valve tags to valves within the facility, where their primary purpose is to identify and locate each valve in a valve schedule. Hence, by having these tags, workers can quickly identify the specific valve they need for maintenance or inspection tasks.
Customization Options:
We offer a wide range of colour options for laser-engraved valve tags. You can customise the tags according to your specific requirements, including size and colour.
Attachment Methods:
Each valve tag includes one or more of the following attachment options: Single hole which allows for easy hanging or attachment. Ball chain which secures the tag and allows it to be hung on valves or piping. Self-adhesive backing, allowing for the convenient for attachment of the tag directly to the valve.
Valve tags are commonly engraved with information related to a localised valve chart, hence this makes it easy to identify each valve’s operation. Valve charts display essential information for mechanical system maintenance, including water, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems within a building.
We provide custom lasered valve tags to suit your requirements so please feel free to contact us with your specific request.

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