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Improving Energy Efficiency

With an extensive track record spanning over three decades, Excalibur stands as one of the most seasoned and distinguished energy management companies in the country. Their remarkable journey through the dynamic energy landscape has not only solidified their position as a respected industry leader but has also allowed them to amass a wealth of expertise and knowledge unparalleled in the field.

With over 30 years’ experience, Excalibur have honed their skills and knowledge, responding to ever-evolving market trends, government regulations, and technological advancements. Their longevity in the industry has provided them with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that have shaped the energy sector.

Excalibur’s enduring commitment to their mission has resulted in a vast portfolio of successful energy management projects, which in turn has helped numerous businesses and organizations optimize their energy consumption, reduce costs, and minimize their environmental footprint.

Excalibur’s extensive portfolio of projects spans a wide range of sectors, showcasing their versatile expertise and commitment to delivering energy efficient projects. Excalibur have worked in sectors as diverse as Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Airports, Supermarkets, Telecoms, Food Production, Hospitals, Universities and many more.

We are ISO9001, Safe Contractor and F Gas accredited and have a reputation for delivering energy efficiency projects on time and with the minimum of disruption.

Recent Projects

Excalibur have been undertaking projects to improve energy efficiency for over 30 years.

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We provide a high level quality of service, working to industry recognised standards.

Delivering Energy Efficient Projects

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