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Cold Store

Founded by Josiah Sims in 1896, J.O.Sims are the No1 supplier of cranberry and wild blueberry ingredients in the UK and provide packing, handling, storage and distribution services from its site in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

Throughout their history J.O.Sims have adopted a long term approach, this extends to environmental issues where reducing their carbon footprint is seen as a clear priority.

With 80% of site energy being consumed by cold store refrigeration this was a clearly an area to be targeted. Sims approached Excalibur who surveyed the site and produced a report which projected that the efficiency of the refrigeration systems could be improved by 40%.

Excalibur recommended the installation of Liquid Pressure Amplification and inverter speed control of condenser fans. This would allow efficient low head pressure operation, increasing refrigeration capacity and reducing compressor energy consumption.

Excalibur were able to apply for a Carbon Trust interest-free loan on behalf of J.O. Sims, with repayments being made from reduced energy costs.

A pilot installation was undertaken to 1 of 4 refrigeration packs. The effect of the modifications could be seen immediately. Improvements in refrigeration efficiency allowed coldstore temperatures to be recovered more quickly, while energy consumption dropped by 48% – an annual cost reduction of £10,000 and 79 fewer tonnes of carbon emitted.

Following the success of the pilot, the remaining systems have been modified with similar results, energy consumption has been reduced by over 40% which represents an annual reduction in electrical consumption of 500,000kWh and 270 tonnes of carbon.

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